Exploring The Theme Parks Of Gold Coast, Queensland – A Guide To The Best Theme Parks In Australia

The Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia is a renowned tourist destination, renowned for its stunning beaches and pleasant climate. But it’s also home to some of the world’s most impressive and largest theme parks. From thrilling roller coasters to parks with more than 500 animals, there’s something for everyone in the theme park capital of Australia.Dreamworld is Australia’s biggest theme park and it’s like visiting several worlds in one. It has a variety of attractions, shows and rides, including The Tower of Terror 2, one of the tallest and fastest rides in the world.

Visitors can also explore Tiger Island, where magnificent Bengal and Sumatran tigers play with their guardians. In the “Australian Wildlife Experience” you can observe more than 500 animals native to Australia. Adventure-seekers can challenge themselves with the Flowrider, the perfect combination of surfing, skateboarding and bodyboarding. Right next to Dreamworld is WhiteWater World, Australia’s largest theme water park.

It combines the latest in fun-filled water slides and leisure pools for the whole family. Ride seven floors down a fast roller coaster or simply relax in the gigantic wave pool. There are also about 20 acres of shady subtropical gardens to relax in. Movie World is the place where your favorite movies come to life. Meet the stars and ride thrilling roller coasters, such as Green Lantern Roller Coaster and Superman Escape, among others based on your favorite Warner Bros.

movies. In the fun zone for kids, meet your favorite Looney Tunes characters, such as Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. Sea World has more than just thrilling rides and shows. It is also dedicated to marine research and rescue, and is a place where visitors can learn about and interact with a variety of marine animals. Watch the educational presentation Our World of Dolphins; polar bears and penguins swim underwater; and get up close and personal with a fearsome shark.

Connected by monorail to the Sea World theme park, the Sea World Resort and Water Resort is Australia’s only theme park hotel. Tiger Island is a wildlife attraction in the Dreamworld amusement park and is home to 10 adults and 5 cubs of the Bengal and Sumatran tiger species. Guests can watch tigers perform their natural behaviors just like their cousins in the wild. From watching tigers climb 20-foot (6.1 meters) tall trees to feeding one of these majestic animals, Tiger Island offers a spectacular moment for anyone who wants to get up close and personal with the world’s most fearsome predator. If you plan to visit Wet’n’Wild with children, don’t be discouraged by the sound of the screams or the intensity of the big and exciting rides, as the park is also suitable for little ones. With an artificial stream, artificial waterfalls and a variety of fountains and water jets, rock pools are one of the best ways to have free fun on the Gold Coast. Whether you’re taking a photo with your favorite characters like Batman, Superman, Scooby Doo and Wonder Woman patrolling the park or going backstage on the sets of Warner Bros.’ highest-grossing movies, here you’ll experience an adventure of epic proportions. Movie World often called Movie World is Gold Coast’s main movie studio theme park based on Warner Bros.’ film studio and its DC Comics-related properties.

While it’s best to print a physical voucher in case of technical problems, all theme parks now accept e-tickets which you can show on your mobile phone or tablet when you present them at the front door. Visitors will be able to learn all about this world-famous park and will have the opportunity to meet drivers from Hollywood Stunt Driver 2, walk on tracks from one of their roller coasters, have unlimited quick access to attractions as well as access to a VIP area to watch parades. There are also several restaurants in the park where you can buy something quick or you can bring your own food and use free barbecues and picnic tables but you’ll have to arrive early to make sure all day long. One of the most popular stores in this park is Lego Store which is a certified store that sells a collection of pieces including walls shaped like Choose a Brick, Lego mosaics, engravings on bricks as well as a station to make your own minifigure. From the tallest longest fastest roller coaster in Southern Hemisphere to parks with more than 500 animals in one place Gold Coast has it all when it comes to theme parks. Choose from list of Gold Coast theme parks and create wonderful memories with your family in theme park capital of Australia.

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