Exploring The Gold Coast’s National Parks: A Guide To The Best National Parks

The Gold Coast is a popular tourist destination in Queensland, Australia, renowned for its stunning sandy beaches and vibrant nightlife. But the area also offers a variety of national parks, nature reserves and World Heritage Sites that are worth exploring. From Burleigh Head National Park to Springbrook National Park, here’s a guide to the best national parks on the Gold Coast. Burleigh Head National Park is one of the most beloved national parks on the Gold Coast.

Established in 1993, this park is part of the Scenic Rim Regional Council and is located in Queensland, Australia. It has a pleasant climate due to its plateau location, and visitors can explore Joalah, The Knoll, where the popular Cameron Falls circuit is located, and Mac Donald Park, which extends over an area of 2.6 kilometers. Cedar Creek is also a great spot for a tranquil walk. Nerang State Forest is another popular national park on the Gold Coast. Located just 12 kilometers from Surfers Paradise, it’s a great spot for birdwatchers and nature lovers alike.

There are different types of native and non-native animals here, as well as five types of rainforest and nearly 200 species of plants. Six of these plant species are considered vulnerable. Nicoll Scrub National Park is situated in the center and at the bottom of the Currumbin Valley. It’s home to six species of mammals, 56 different species of birds, eight species of reptiles and amphibians. It’s also a great spot for adrenaline-filled activities like hiking through the Gold Coast National Park, horseback riding, trail running and mountain biking. Mount Cougal in Springbrook National Park is a mountainous section that safeguards valuable wildlife habitat and a wide range of animals.

The Springbrook Plateau features a variety of picturesque viewpoints, walking trails, waterfalls, rainforest and ancient Antarctic beech trees. It’s also home to 300 km of hiking trails. The Gold Coast has something for everyone – from sandy beaches to picturesque national parks. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline-filled adventure or just want to relax in nature, there’s something for everyone in these national parks. So don’t miss out on exploring some of these incredible places when you visit the Gold Coast!.

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